Magician Dynamo Speaks Out About Dog Adoption

Dynamo is possibly best known bringing his illusions and magic to life on his TV show ‘Dynamo: Magician Impossible’. Ahead of his 2015 live tour across the UK, K9 Magazine caught up with the man himself to find out all about one of the most important parts of his family – his dog Bessie.

While speaking with the magazine, Dynamo talked about National Dog Adoption Month and spoke out about the perception of dogs in rescues saying:

“My dog, Bessie, isn’t from a rescue shelter, she’s been in the family for years. But we’ve discussed potentially getting another dog and the first place we’d head to would be a rescue. There are so many unloved and badly treated animals in these places it only seems right to give them a chance.”

K9 Magazine Issue 78 Cover - Dynamo & Bessie

Dynamo continued, “You hear about the negative stories the ones that make the paper for freak accidents, but more often than not the well behaved luckier ones don’t get that media attention which seems obvious. But its something I would definitely do in the future and I’d encourage other people to do it too because it’s such a good cause, you’re saving a dogs life and the amount of gratification and pride you get from your dog would be even greater, especially being a dog that you’d just saved and given the  opportunity all dogs deserve. Its got to be a good feeling for both of you really. All dogs are awesome!”

K9 Magazine’s interview with Dynamo is out next month

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