How You Can Help

Did You Know..National Dog Adoption Month Saw an Incredible 227% INCREASE in Dog Adoptions Last Time Round?

By helping to promote National Dog Adoption Month in ANY way you can, you help contribute to that fantastic increase. It’s with the help and collective efforts of people like YOU that dogs can find new homes.

If you run a website, post on forums and/or can visit your local vet, pet shops, dog training classes or anywhere else where people gather you can help spread the message about the positive benefits of adopting a dog.

You have full permission to use of the following graphics to place on your website or in your forum signature:



[Feel free to print off as many of these posters as you wish and use them at your local dog training clubs, pet shops or anywhere you feel they will help spread the dog adoption message. If you take a photo of the poster in place, we will send you a prize!]

National Dog Adoption Month  Web Graphics

Please link to

(Just copy the code below and paste in to your website)

Dogs for Adoption Widget

[Personalised Twitter Background]
You can help rescue dogs by promoting National Dog Adoption Month on your Twitter profile:

If you have used any of the banners, please feel free to get in touch ( to let us know how you have helped us to promote National Dog Adoption Month as we would sincerely like to thank you, personally – for and on behalf of all the dogs you have helped!